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İtalya'da AGH-EVS Projesi İlanı 24 Ağustos 2016

İtalya'da  Goito-Mantua'da düzenlenecek olan uzun dönem-9 aylık- AGH-EVS projesi için gönüllü aranmaktadır.
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Başvuru için BURADAn  indireceğiniz belgeyi doldurup belgede belirtilen adrese göndermeniz gerekmektedir

  • Contact person: cristina ronconi
  • Coordinating organisation: ALCE NERO
  • Host: Casa della Rosa: http://www.caritasmantova.org
  • Location: Goito-Mantova, Italy
  • Start: 03/02/2017
  • End: 03/11/2017

  • We are looking for 1 volunteer for the deadline of October. The volunteer will work in Casa della Rosa for 9 months.
    “Casa della Rosa” is a community centre located in Goito, a village about 15 km from Mantova. It hosts women experiencing a difficult situation (e.g. abuses, rejection or escape from their home because of a difficult relationships, homelessness or unemployment, etc.). Most of them are immigrated women.
    The community first aim is offering the guests support in a difficult period, creating a customised project that can give them back their dignity and independence and change their situation (so to find a job and a house).
    A second aim is sustaining them in fostering and bringing up their children, while they are out at work or busy with other occupations


The volunteer will mainly work with children, when their mothers are out or cannot take care of them. Her role consists in looking after babies or children, proposing games and activities, teaching nursery rhymes and lullabies. She will also have the opportunity to organize “extra-ordinary” activities, such as shows, tours and workshops. In some periods, especially ic case there are no children, the volunteer can help with the housekeeping and with some activities planned for the women.


Candidates should: -Be flexible, and willing to adapt to even humble tasks and community rules. -Be patient, and able to command respect -Show a strong personality and maturity in terms of social skills, common sense and balance, and a purposeful/proactive behaviour -Be motivated to work with people with serious problems of social exclusion -Be interested and sensitive towards social issues. -Have good familiarity with babysitting/leisure time activities for babies and children /Have previously experienced voluntary activities (better if in the field of education).

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