9 Haziran 2016 Perşembe

Fransa'da AGH-EVS Projesi İlanı 10 Haziran

Fransa'da düzenlenecek olan AGH EVS projesi için gönüllü aranmaktadır..
Proje başlangıç: 3 Ocak 2017
Proje bitiş: 30 Haziran 2017
son başvuru: 15 Eylül 2016

We are teachers from an agricultural high school based in the South of France, at Ondes 20 km from Toulouse.
Our school is specialised in landscaping and farm machinery ( Students aged between 15 and 20) .
We are looking for a student in the framework of the EVS for the time from January, 3,  2017 to June 30.
His/her  function would be:
  • to help our students in foreign languages : English and /or Spanish  ( teaching in  small groups).
  • He/ she  could also animate an international cooperation club in order to incite our students to travel and study abroad .
According to his/her skills:
  • he /she could participate to rugby training sessions , matches …
  • and /or take part in landscaping or machinery -related projects ( different workshops to define).
In return , he /she will be able to improve his/her French and we will help him/her to achieve his/her goals according to his/her needs/ wishes.

The application deadline will be September , 15th. Send your motivation letter and your CV to fabienne.moyen@educagri.fr

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