21 Ocak 2016 Perşembe

Norveç'te AGH Projesi İlanı 22 Ocak

Norveç'te düzenlenecek olan AGH projesi için katılımcı aranmaktadır.

proje başlangıç: Haziran 2016
proje bitiş:Haziran 2017

Proje bilgisi için  BURAYA tıklayın

EVS volunteers wanted for SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL in NORWAY!
Dreaming of working with sustainable tourism? Curious about Norway and Norwegian culture? Keen to get to know people from all over the world? Then this EVS position at Hostelling International Norway might be just the thing for you!
But you have to be fast – the deadline is January 25th for project starting around mid June 2016.
Questions? Send them to ragna@hihostels.no
We are waiting for you:)
The volunteers, with support of the hosting organization, will mainly focus on activities in the hostels as well as working for the main office and the hostel network within Norway.
  • Maintenance and management of Say Hi to Norway social media (Facebook, Instagram) and bloghttp://sayhitonorway.com/. Research and writing of articles on various topics involving Norwegian way of life, lifestyle, travel tips, culture, interviews, photos, videos…
  • Learning about sustainability in tourism, working towards higher sustainability by creating new meeting places for hostel visitors and local communities
  • Becoming part of implementation of a new sustainability system in the network of hostels in Norway
  • Opportunity to raise awareness on important issues concerning sustainability and travelling
  • Working with guests and staff from all over the world
  • Planning and implementation of actions related to the UN international year of sustainable tourism (2017), coordination with the Hostelling International London office

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