11 Ocak 2016 Pazartesi

Kıbrıs'ta 1 Aylık AGH Projesi İlanı 11 Ocak 2016

Kıbrıs'ta düzenlenecek olan kısa dönem AGH-EVS projesi için katılımcı aranmaktadır.
başlangıç: Nisan 2016
Süre:1 ay

Project type:
Erasmus +, KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals, Short term EVS
World Wide Village is a European funded project first initiated in 2013 in Lysos-Paphos. The main aim is to promote the rural areas of Cyprus by making the cultural, social and historical heritage of these areas more visible for the locals, visitors and tourists. Participants have the opportunity to experience the way of living in Cypriot villages by supporting, working and cooperating with the local community by sharing their skills and knowledge. One of the main tasks of the volunteers will be the mapping (through GPS) of existing cycling and hiking tracks within and around the village.
Where – When:
Lysos, Paphos, Cyprus.
14 April – 16 May 2016,
33 days including travel days
  • Provide tools for development of key competences, empower and promote the need for personal development of the participants.
  • Contribute and raise self-awareness about better recognition of competences gained from the participants during their service abroad.
  • Promote the understanding of other cultures and countries to give the opportunity for the build-up of a network by identifying partners with vision for a united Europe consisting from people who are socially active; aiming to develop a sense of European citizenship.
  • Offer an alternative future perspective to young unemployed people and those at risk of unemployment.
  • Create a unique sensation between the relation of the participants and the environment. Raise awareness of the importance and power of nature and how we can work sustainable for the benefit of both the human and nature.
  • Promote non-formal learning and cooperation in the field of youth with partner countries.
  • Foster cooperation and exchange of best practices between young people from different regions of Europe.

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