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İsveç'te Kısa Dönem AGH- EVS Projesi

İsveç'te düzenlenecek olan kısa dönemli AGH projesi için 1 adet katılımcı aranmaktadır.

Proje tarihi: 1 Nisan 2015-13 Temmuz 2015 (3.5 ay)
Kuruluşun EVSdatabase sayfası için BURAYA tıklayın.
E-mail: murtaz.buskadze.ms@molndal.se

Proje bilgisi:
Volunteer profile: Volunteer should be 22-30 years old. We welcome young people with “fewer opportunities”, from all religions and sexual orientation.  EI-number: Applicant is KEKS Eurodesk Mölndal (2013-SE-47).

Outdoor life/Sports/daily youth center activities/events
The volunteer coming to Lindhaga youth center will be able to experience a Swedish youth center and the way youth leaders in Mölndal work with teenagers in their spare time, how we engage young people on a voluntary basis in different projects. Apart from that the volunteer will be involved in the daytime summer camp for kids in the age of 8 until 16 years. The summer camp starts in the middle of June until the middle of July.
At present Lindhaga youth center is in the starting phase for different groups, a few mentioned are a photo-group (shooting pictures with an analog camera and learning all about developing photos in the darkroom), parkour-group and baking-group. All ideas come from our visitors, BUT there are no ready-made groups. So if you want to work here and be part of the start-up phase you have to have the social ability to motivate young people to engage themselves in different kinds of activities or group activities. In other words you have to be creative in attracting young people’s interests, should be outgoing and possess the willingness to learn. Over the years we have noticed that a good way to get to know the teenagers is through sports.
We can offer you to be part of the daily life at a youth center, experience different area festivals in Mölndal in the end of May as well as our youth festival “Högtrycksfestivalen” in the middle of June. This festival is made by and for all teenagers all over Mölndal. By the end of your EVS-time you will experience our daytime summer camp. City of Molndal website;molndal.se Our international blog where you can read testimonies of current and former volunteers; k-internationellt.blogspot.com 

General additional information:
Working hours
EVS activity is full-time service, including training, supervision and staff meetings, which are considered as part of the educational project. In case of being absent from work due to illness, the volunteer has to inform the mentor the same day. The volunteer works about 32-35 hours each week. During special events the volunteer might be asked to work more evenings and have additional days off.
Days off per week
Weekends and holidays are free unless agreed upon together with the organisation and some special event on the weekend, in which case the volunteer gets the same amount of days off during the following week. Volunteer earns 2-days vacation for 1 month of EVS. Vacation must be discussed beforehand with the host organization.
The volunteer will get money to buy food and cook. The money for food and the pocket money will be given to the volunteer monthly. In case of trainings the organiser of the training provides food/accommodation. Usually staff brings lunch/dinner to the youth centre and eats there. The total sum adds up to 3000 SEK/month. (About 330 €/month)
Accommodation will be in a room in a shared volunteers’ house in Tanneskärsgatan 131, 421 60 Västra Frölunda until June 1st and after in a shared apartment. Internet is available but must be paid by 100Kr/volunteer/month in case they want it. With shared toilets, shower, kitchen and garden. Laundry is (free of charge) outside down the street.
Local transport
Public transport card to go to the hosting organisation and to travel Mölndal and Göteborg region will be provided every month. The transport card covers also the archipelago.

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