29 Aralık 2015 Salı

Litvanya'da AGH Projesi 30 Aralık

Litvanya'da düzenlenecek olan AGH projesi için detaylar aşağıdadır.

Hello, people! We are going to apply for new project and looking for 2 volunteers. We are – Open Youth centre in Telšiai, in Lithuania. We are looking for 2 people who would like to join our team in a loooooong term project – 12 month. It would start at 2016 07 01 and end 2017 06 30.
There are 2 positions – working in Open youth centre and working with mobile youth workers in the villages. Target group – young people 14-29 years old.
Is it you? Please, send us your cv and motivation letter on e-mail – evs.tjc@gmail.com till the 15th on January 2016.
More about us –http://europa.eu/youth/vp/organisation/947684375_en
A bit more – www.tjc.lt
This project can change your life

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